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«Palari Furs» - this is part of a large family business. In a sense, he "came out of nowhere" - the territory of Bessarabia. More than half a century, the fertile land 200 kilometers from Odessa became desolate. In 1946, the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR have been evicted from this village Frumushika Nova Roshiya, Gofnungstal, Cantemir Zurum. 60 years later the founder of the family business Palariev Alexander decided to perpetuate the memory of ancestors and recreate the "from scratch" liquidated settlement. Thus revived Frumushika Nova. Every corner of it, every detail was reduced by the memory of a witness distant events - Andrew Palarieva. Today it is - the biggest in Europe set to grow sheep Karakul breed of sheep .. Here, the family has been breeding and Palarievyh karakul sheep breeding. Their population exceeds seven thousand.

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