Palarifurs - Elit fur salon


Salon «Palari Furs» specializes in the sale of products from karakul (astrakhan) and broadtail. We provide more than a hundred articles of outer clothing: long and short coats, vests, boleros, about the same - hats and bags, pillows, carpets and even children's products. The palette of colors of fur, and a variety of models with a combination of leather and other furs to satisfy even the most refined tastes!

Each year, designers attending the Milan exhibition MIFUR, which is the legislator of fur fashion throughout the world to select the most interesting patterns for new collections of the season. Then the raw materials together with the pattern goes to the Italian and German-Ukrainian factories, where to order «Palari Furs» otshivayutsya new and unique way modeli.Takim and ensured the quality and exclusivity of fur collection under the label «Palari Furs».

Lightweight and comfortable astrakhan products added sophistication and elegance, the beautiful half of humanity, well, and their companions give an expression of masculinity, strength and confidence.